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Latest Dota Underlords patch reworks win and loss streaks, adds new items and more

Valve's been hard at work.

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Valve has released one of its biggest Dota Underlords patches to date, which includes a complete reworking of the win and loss streak mechanic, a host of brand new items, as well as major hero and Alliance tweaks too.

One of the most impactful changes is the nerf to win and loss streak bonuses. Previously you’d earn three gold indefinitely if you lost seven rounds in a row. Now you’ll only earn two gold after losing five rounds in a row.

Similarly, win streaks once granted you an extra three gold indefinitely after seven wins. Now, you’ll earn four gold after your eighth win, but your streak will reset once you’ve pocketed the cash.

It’s likely Valve introduced these tweaks to prevent players from gaming the system by purposely losing rounds in the early game, as it was an easy method of gaining interest bonuses, fostering a strong economy and coming back in the latter stages of the match.

Conversely, the change to win streaks will also mean those ahead of the competition won’t snowball to victory quite so hard.

Elsewhere, there are some new Support items. One pushes an enemy unit six cells away in a random direction, while another transforms an enemy unit into a pig for four seconds. We’re definitely keeping an eye out for the latter.

On to hero changes, and Valve’s handed out significant buffs. Medusa’s split shot now applies item effects on secondary shots, while Venomancer and Warlock’s should feel far more viable.

For an in-depth look at all the changes, make sure you head over to Valve’s official patch notes page.

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