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Dota 2's The International 2019 Battle Pass is now available to purchase

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With the final months of the Dota Pro Circuit fast closing in and The International Major fast approaching, Valve has released a brand new Dota 2 Battle Pass filled with rewards, game modes, returning features and more.

As per usual, purchasing the Battle Pass will see 25% of the proceeds go towards The International 2019’s prize pool. A staggering just-under-$5 million has been raised so far.

One of the highlights is the upcoming Wrath of the Mo’rokai custom mode. Details are under wraps for now, but it looks as though players will have the ability to collect energy around the map, unlock shared abilities, and even feed a special Mo’rokai ancient to help them in battle.

There’s also a brand new Jungle Expedition which you’ll need to travel down in order to obtain exclusive cosmetic sets, Battle points and “special tools”. To progress, you’ll need to play matches as a hero which blocks your path on the jungle trail.

Alongside all of this unlockable content, there are also some quality of life changes coming too. A brand new Party Finder has been added which will make it easier for players to party up with allies from previous matches, or create a matchmaking pool from existing friends in a few simple clicks.

Many features from previous Battle Passes have returned as well, including Wagering, Ranked Roles, Arcana Voting, In-Game Tipping and more.

Players who want to get in on the Battle Pass can choose from three different Battle Pass tiers: Standard, Level 50 and Level 100.

The Standard Edition can be purchased for $9.99, while Level 50 and Level 100 are $29.35 and $44.99 respectively. Both of the pricier versions grant you either 50 or 100 levels right from the get-go, and extra levels can be purchased for a fee.

For a complete overview of absolutely everything arriving with The International Battle Pass 2019, make sure you check out Valve’s official Battle Pass page.

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