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Casual and team modes added to Auto Chess

You can now buddy up and share Courier health.

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New casual and team modes have been added to Auto Chess. That's the original Auto Chess, not the Auto Chess from Riot or the Auto Chess from Valve.

By default you'll still play the ranked version of the game against other players, but you can also now select the more casual mode if you want to mess around with new strategies.

Additionally, there's now a team mode in the game. Choose this and you'll be able to buddy up and play against three other player pairs. Again, there are no rankings involved in this coop mode.

While playing in pairs you'll share Courier health, and can use the Courier's Post Piece ability to send units and items to your partner.

Drodo Studio created the original version as a Dota 2 mod and it quickly became one of the most popular games on Twitch.

In recent weeks we've seen Valve launch Dota Underlords, while Riot has wasted no time in spinning up an autobattler based on League of Legends, which goes by the name of Teamfight Tactics.

Who'll win the outright war of the auto-battlers? Early indications - based on Twitch popularity - suggest that Riot's game is proving the most popular.

Let's see what future updates do to even out the battlefield though.

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