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Dota Auto Chess: Tutorials

The best tutorial videos to help you improve at Dota Auto Chess.

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Our Dota Auto Chess Best tutorial videos page contains a list of all the best video resources to help you learn and improve at Dota Auto Chess.

Dota Auto Chess has taken Dota 2's in-game Arcade by storm. It’s a custom mod which takes Dota’s iconic heroes, places them on a chess board, and features a wealth of new mechanics and strategies to learn.

Much like traditional Dota, there’s a steep learning curve to be found here. At this time there are barely any tutorials within the mode, and no tool tips to explain how things work, yet there are plenty of hidden tricks you can employ to help keep up with the action.

Get the hang of Dota Auto Chess and it’s an incredibly rewarding experience which has you thinking on the fly like never before. However, it can drive off new players because of its complexity and lack of any tutorial or practice mode.

While we could try and explain the intricacies behind Dota Auto Chess in text, we reckon it’s easier for new players to watch and learn. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best tutorial videos by some of our favourite Auto Chess players in this article.

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Dota Auto Chess: Best Tutorial Videos

We've picked out three of the most comprehensive, easy to follow Dota Auto Chess tutorials that we've found on YouTube. If you find any of these helpful (which we're sure you will), do be sure to give them a thumbs up and consider subscribing to their channel for more content like this.


We'd rate Trump's video as the perfect starting point for those aiming to get started in Dota Auto Chess. It's filled with nice little tool tips explaining certain strategies or mechanics, and he makes sure to explain what he's doing and why he's doing it. Trump's done for Auto Chess what he did for Hearthstone back in the day.


Again, Amaz does a brilliant job explaining how Dota Auto Chess works. It's a great step by step guide with fancy graphics for picking up important points and more.


Last but not least, Kripp takes things a little slower for those who want time to digest everything. We like the way he pauses play to discuss mechanics, and also explain some of the more complex mechanics found in Auto Chess.

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