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Dota Auto Chess: Races - Unit bonuses

A quick snapshot of all the races available in Auto Chess, with unit number bonuses too.

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Our Dota Auto Chess Races and Unit Bonuses guide contains a list of all the races and their unit bonuses in Auto Chess and will be updated as the game evolves.

Every hero - or chess piece - in Dota Auto Chess belongs to a certain race faction. Some of these factions also come with special bonus attributes that come into play when you have a specific number of units from that race out in play.

It's just one of the many fiddly aspects of learning Auto Chess, and so we wanted to put together a quick guide that explains which races provide bonuses, and what those bonuses actually entail.

This should help you out when it comes to building your evolving army, and give you a snapshot of the bonuses you're working towards.

We'll keep expanding on this guide over time, but let us know in the comments if you're having any problems with this area of the game, and we'll do our best to answer your questions!

UPDATE: The latest patch added two new units, Zeus and Mars. They both happen to be Gods, so there's now a "God" trait bonus in town. We've added this to the table below and we'll continue to tinker with this page as more content is released.

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Dota Auto Chess Unit Bonuses

Here are all of the bonuses you can receive for bringing a certain number of each races into play:

Beast-Attack damage increased by 10% for all allies.-Attack damage increased by 15% for all allies.Attack damage increased by 20% for all allies.
DemonDeal 50% extra pure damage to its target.----
Dragon--All friendly dragons have 100 mana when battle starts--
Dwarf-Attack range increased by 300---
Element-30% chance to turn attacker into stone for 3s when attacked by melee chesses---
Elf--Evasion increased by 25% for all friendly elves-Evasion increased by 25% for all friendly elves
Goblin--Armor and HP regeneration increased by 15 for a random ally-Armor and HP regeneration increased by 15 for all friendly goblins
God*You need to have no other class/species synergy on the field to trigger this buff.* - All friendly forces gain effect: the skill cooldown is halved.All friendly forces get the effect: the skill cooldown is halved.---
Human-All friendly humans have 20% chance to disarm target for 3s on damage deal-All friendly humans have 25% chance to disarm target for 3s on damage dealAll friendly humans have 30% chance to disarm target for 3s on damage deal
Naga-Magic resistance increased by 20 for all allies-Magic resistance increased by 40 for all allies-
OgreMax hp increased by 10%----
Orc-Max HP increased by 250 for all friendly orcs-Max HP increased by 350 for all friendly orcs-
Satyr-Enemy players cannot see your activity---
Troll-Attack speed increased by 35 for all friendly trolls-Attack speed increased by 35 for all friendly-
Undead-Armor decreased by 5 for all enemies-Armor decreased by 7 for all enemies-

If you're completely new to Auto Chess and you don't know where to begin, we highly recommend checking out this video from Kripparian which outlines the basics!

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