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Dota Auto Chess: Item list, stats and combinations

Everything you need to know about Items in Dota Auto Chess.

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Our Dota Auto Chess Item list and stats page contains a list of all the items, their stats and combinations.

The start of each Auto Chess match begins the same way, regardless of your starting hero selection. In the initial three waves you'll face off against AI "creep" creatures which provide you with levelling experience, as well as the occasional item that drops from their corpses.

After that it's a case of facing off against human opponents, but those neutral waves come back eventually. When they do they'll not only present you with a much stiffer challenge, but also give you juicier items when they drop in battle.

Starting out with Auto Chess, we didn't really understand the ins and outs of the item system. We had no idea they could combine into stronger items or how they complemented certain heroes. With next to no in-game help available, it's likely you're going to run into problems like we did back when we first started with the game.

If you’re in the same boat as we once were with items, then we’ll try and clear things up for you. Below we’ve put together a table which contains all the creeps, the rounds they spawn, the items they drop and what combinations lead to special items.

As the game progresses and tweaks are made, we’ll endeavour to keep this page bang up to date.

Credit for all of the stats in this article go to Dota Auto Chess Gamepedia and Vinthian's Dota Auto Chess item combinations page.

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Creep NameUnit LevelSpawns on RoundNumber Spawned
Radiant Creep11 and 32
Ranged Radiant Creep12 and 32
Radiant Mega Creep22 and 31 and 2
Wolf Alpha5151
Troll Axe5404
Troll Fire7401
Troll Frost7401
Monster Nian9451

Item Drop Chance

Unit LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4

Item Drops

Item NameEffectsDrops From
Attack BladeAttack damage +10Tier 1
Blight StoneArmour -3 for targetTier 1
Broad SwordAttack damage +20Tier 2
Chain MailArmour +5Tier 1
CloakMagi Resistance +15Tier 1
CrownMana regen +25% on damage takenTier 1
Demon EdgeAttack damage +30Tier 3
Health RingHP Regeneration +10Tier 1
HyperstoneAttack speed +30Tier 3
JavelinAttack damage +15Tier 2
Magi RobeTarget's magic resistance -10Tier 1
Mithril HammerDamage +15Tier 2
Morbid MaskLifesteal +5%Tier 1
Mystic StaffMagic resistance -20 on target, +25% mana regen on damage takenTier 4
Plate MailArmour +10Tier 2
Quarter StaffAttack damage +5, attack speed +10Tier 1
ReaverMax HP +500, HP regeneration +10Tier 4
Regen RingHP regenration +5Tier 1
Sacred RelicAttack damage +50Tier 4
Stout ShieldBlock 10 damageTier 1
Ultimate OrbMax HP +250, mana regen +25% on damage takenTier 3
Vatality BoosterMax HP +250Tier 2
Void StoneMana regen +50% when attackingTier 1
Wizardry StaffTarget's magic resistance -20Tier 2

This video by Amaz provides some great insight into many of the items found in Auto Chess and the statistics you need to worry about. It's well worth a watch if you want to get to grips with an essential part of the game, and it'll no doubt help you improve too.

Item Combinations

Item NameEffectsRequirements
Assault CuirassAura: Armor +10 and attack speed +15 for allies within 1 grid, Aura: Armor -10 and attack speed -15 for enemies within 1 grid.Hyperstone, Chain Mail, Plate Mail
Blade MailArmor +5, Attack damage+10. Deal 10% damage taken to its attacker.Broad Sword, Chain Mail
CrystalysAttack damage +15. 15% chance to deal 1.5x damage.Attack Blade, Broad Sword
DaedalusAttack damage +40. 10% chance to deal 4x damage.Crystalys, Demon Edge
Dagon 1Magic resistance -20 on target. Automatically cast: Deal 400 damage to a random enemy.Wizardry Staff, Crown
Dagon 2Magic resistance -40 on target. Automatically cast: Deal 500 damage to a random enemy.-
Dagon 3Magic resistance -60 on target. Automatically cast: Deal 600 damage to a random enemy.-
Dagon 4Magic resistance -80 on target. Automatically cast: Deal 700 damage to a random enemy.-
Dagon 5Magic resistance -100 on target. Automatically cast: Deal 800 damage to a random enemy.-
DesolatorAttack damage +30. 15 armor decrement on targets.Blight Stone, Mithril Hammer x2
Divine RapierAttack damage +150.Demon Edge, Sacred Relic
Hood Of DefianceHP regeneration +10. Magic resistance +30.Health Ring, Cloak, Regen Ring
KayaTarget's magic resistance -60.Magi Robe, Wizardry Staff
Madness MaskLifesteal +10%. Attack speed+30, armor -10.Morbid Mask, Quarter Staff
MaelstromAttack damage+25. 25%% chance to release a shocking bolt which can deal 100 damage on up to 3 enemies when attacks.Javelin, Mithril Hammer
MjollnirAttack damage +50, attack speed +30. 25%% chance to release a shocking bolt which can deal 200 damage on up to 5 enemies when attacks.Maelstrom, Hyperstone
Monkey King BarAttack damage +80, attack speed +10. Attack pierce through evasion.Demon Edge, Javelin, Quarter Staff
Moon ShardAttack Speed +70.Hyperstone x2
PerseveranceHP regen +10. Mana regen +100% when attacks.Health Ring, Void Stone
Refresher OrbHP regen +20. Mana regen +200% when attacks. Refresh your ability on first cast, 30s cd.Perserverance x2
Scythe Of VyseMagic resistance -20 on target,+50% mana regen on damage taken and attack, max HP +250. Automatically cast: Transform an enemy to a sheep for 5s.Mystic Staff, Ultimate Orb, Void Stone
Shiva's GuardArmor +20, Mana regeneration +5, 50 attack speed decrement on targets.Mystic Staff, Plate Mail
Tarrasque HeartMax HP +1000, 1% HP regeneration per 2s.Reaver, Vatality Booster, Health Ring
VanguardMax HP +250, HP regeneration +10. 50% chance to block 50 damage.Vatality Booster, Stout Shield, Health Ring

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