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Auto Chess: Mobile guide

Everything we know so far about Auto Chess mobile.

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Our Auto Chess mobile guide rounds up everything we know so far about the upcoming Auto Chess mobile game from Drodo Studio, and will be updated with more information right up into launch.

The folks over at Drodo Studio - creators of the immensely popular Auto Chess custom mode for Dota 2 - have struck a deal with Chinese publisher Dragonest to bring the game to mobile. The twist? It's no longer connected to the Dota universe, for what we presume are legally tricky reasons.

That means Auto Chess mobile won’t feature any of Dota’s heroes or themes, but it will retain all of the mechanics players have come to know and love. What’s more, Drodo Studio have teamed up with ImbaTV - the folks responsible for bringing us some of Dota’s biggest events - in order to launch the game with a huge esports tournament circuit.

While information on Auto Chess mobile is a bit thin on the ground at the moment, we thought it would be helpful to note down everything we know so far about the new version, and we'll continue updating this page with more information as it comes to light.

Do make sure you keep this page bookmarked for all the latest details on Drodo Studio’s Auto Chess Mobile!

Auto Chess Mobile: How To Download and Install Test Version (iOS & Android)

Drodo Studio aren't finished fine-tuning Auto Chess mobile, so it's currently only available in a test form. It's missing a few features here and there, but overall you'll still be treated to a decent portion of the game before it launches for real.

Since Drodo Studio are based in China, it makes sense that Auto Chess mobile is targeted towards the Chinese market. This does mean that it's unclear whether those of us in the West can go ahead and try the game out for ourselves. Let us tell you, it's possible.

Below we've linked a video by Claytano which takes you through the process of getting Auto Chess mobile on your device no matter where you're based in the world.

If you found it helpful, do consider supporting their channel for more content like this.

Auto Chess Mobile: First Look

Auto Chess mobile is now available for Android over in China, but those of us based in the West can actually get stuck in too, although it's not quite as easy as downloading the game.

Below we've linked a video by Excoundrel which provides a great breakdown of everything that's currently in the beta version of Auto Chess mobile. Of course, this isn't the finished article and everything you see is subject to change.

With this in mind, we're hesitant to flesh out this guide with in-depth details just in case stats, pieces and other things change drastically when the game launches for real.

From the gameplay, it's clear that it works very similarly to its Dota Auto Chess counterpart. This also means that our Dota Auto Chess guide is a great place to start if you want to get to grips with Auto Chess Mobile's gameplay mechanics and start winning more games.

Auto Chess Mobile: Everything we know so far

Below we’ve rounded up all the information currently available on Drodo Studio’s upcoming mobile title. We’ll expand on this section once we know more.

When is Auto Chess mobile releasing?

Currently there isn’t an official release date for Auto Chess mobile, but we imagine it’ll be arriving later this year.

For those who want to get notified the moment the game goes live, you can actually sign up via the official website. It’s unclear, however, if this feature is only available for Chinese users or not.

Drodo Studio does plan to make this a global game, however, so we can expect news on the Western version of the game soon.

What can we expect from Auto Chess mobile?

It’s safe to say it’ll be retaining all the key mechanics which makes Dota 2’s Auto Chess mod, well...Auto Chess. There will be a roster of characters, you’ll control a courier, there will be multiple players and chess boards, and you’ll be able to combine pieces to create more powerful ones.

We’re intrigued to see if Auto Chess mobile iterates on its Dota counterpart with any new features. If anything, the gameplay is incredibly moreish and the mechanics are fantastic, but the UI could use some serious cleaning up. Now that the studio has more time and a partnership with Dragonest, these two factors could provide the polish it needs to truly become a global phenomenon.

Candy will also feature as the premium in-game currency which you’ll be able to buy cosmetic items with. It remains to be seen if you’ll only be able to purchase Candy through microtransactions, or if there will be ways to earn it through gameplay.

For a complete overview of what you can expect from Auto Chess mobile, it's worth having a glance over our Dota Auto Chess guide. It contains everything you could possibly want to know about Auto Chess and how it works. While it's not going to be entirely representative of Auto Chess mobile, it's still going to provide insights into the core mechanics of how it'll function.

Will Dota Auto Chess still be supported?

Yes, although Dota Auto Chess will remain completely separate from Auto Chess mobile.

What are Drodo Studio’s plans for launch?

Auto Chess is entering the competitive scene straight away with a $1,500,000 esports league. It’ll be partnering with Chinese event company, ImbaTV, who are best known for co-organising and rebroadcasting some of Dota 2’s biggest competitions.

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