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Destiny 2: Watch the complete story of Destiny

This’ll bring you right up to speed before Destiny 2's launch next week.

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Destiny 2 launches on both PS4 and Xbox One in exactly a week’s time from now (6th September). It’s tantalisingly close, and for those of you who haven’t touched the first game, potentially a little daunting.

There’s nothing stopping you from jumping into Destiny 2 without any prior knowledge of the original, but many of the plot’s finer details may pass you by. Sure, the game will try its best to cater to a fresh audience, but Destiny’s universe is home to such an expansive backstory that Destiny 2’s “big moments” will inevitably fall flat to the uninitiated.

Thankfully YouTuber “My name is Byf” has painstakingly crafted a complete story of Destiny. His video masterfully covers the entire story of the first Destiny, all the way up to the start of Destiny 2. All major events, key characters and lore elements of Destiny’s universe are touched upon so you’ll be ready for the campaign come September.

It's rather lengthy so make yourself comfortable, grab yourself some food, maybe some beverages and settle in for a brilliant lore-through.

Make sure you drop a subscription to My name is Byf's channel if you’re after more insightful Destiny 2 content!

We'll also be covering Destiny 2’s campaign in detail, so keep our Campaign guide bookmarked for walkthroughs, guides and more.

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