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Destiny 2: Thaviks exploit reported in this week's Nightfall Strike

A somewhat easier way to kill the Nightfall boss has emerged.

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That final fight in this week's Nightfall edition of the Exodus Crash Strike can give even the best Fireteam a run for their money, but a cheat reported on Reddit this afternoon may make things a good deal easier.

The way it works is pretty simple. During the fight, and after taking a certain amount of damage, Thaviks will vanish and go invisible. Typically you're then left to deal with some of those annoying electrical mobs for a bit, before the boss returns to battle.

Going by the video below, however, it seems that you can see the boss climbing the walls. If you shoot him while he's in this position, he'll fall off the wall and die immediately. This effectively ends the Strike, and leaves you and your friends free to bag your loot and head off home.

We've yet to see this feat reproduced by anyone else and so it could in fact be quite tricky to pull off. It's possible the boss has to be in a very specific place at a very specific time for this rather cheesy death sequence to be triggered, for example.

Keep in mind that if this exploit is repeatable, it's possible Bungie could take action against accounts that have made use of it. In other words, do it at your own risk. If repeatable, we'd expect this bug to be patched out in pretty short order.

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