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Destiny 2: Raids will feature a new death penalty

It won't make them any easier though.

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Destiny 2 will have a brand new death penalty mechanic in its raids, although the precise details of how this penalty will work has yet to be confirmed by Bungie.

The news was revealed by game director Luke Smith in a conversation with Giant Bomb at this year's E3 even in Los Angeles. We've embedded the video for you down below, but it's quite lengthy - jump to around 4:39:00 if you want to hear the changes coming to Destiny 2's raiding.

Here's what he had to say:

“The raids should always be challenging you to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate," he began.

"I don’t want to bring the difficulty down. We had a conversation – we have a brand new death penalty in the game for raiding. I think it’s pretty unfun to die and just watch on hard mode. So we have a brand new death penalty and on the normal mode raids people have talked about wanting to remove it because it’s different and why not just use the strike difficulty.

"But we don’t want to change the difficulty because we believe our players are smart. We believe that motivated groups of players can take on these challenges and complete them. We’ve seen that.”

Raids in the original Destiny feature different death penalties for different raid difficulty settings. When players die in normal mode they have to wait 30 seconds before a teammate can revive them. In hard mode (also known as Heroic), players can't be revived at all, and will only respawn automatically if their fireteam progresses to the next checkpoint.

Although we don't know how the new death penalty will work in Destiny 2, we can infer from what's been said that players may well have a chance to revive their teammates faster in both normal and hard mode. Smith mentions that they do not want to remove the difficulty from raiding, so we wouldn't be surprised if this new death penalty is an entirely new mechanic that allows you to bring your teammates back to life - but at a cost. Perhaps some kind of big risk, but big reward affair?

As soon as we have more information we'll update this article.

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