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Destiny 2: Patch notes for Update 1.0.6 released

Crucible scoring changes and Faction Rally tweaks are live now.

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A host of changes have been applied to Destiny 2' s Crucible and Faction Rally systems following a period of maintenance downtime.

Strikes will now reward players with 5-9 Faction Tokens instead of 3-7, while Nightfall Strikes reward 10-18 Tokens for the first completion.

You'll now also receive just 5 Faction Tokens from completing Heroic Public Events, down from 8. Lost Sector chests now reward 3 Faction Tokens, but you'll no longer receive them for destroying enemy resources.

Next up is the round of Crucible changes. Round times and score limits are being reduced for matches that take place in Clash, Control, Survival and Supremacy modes. Check the full patch notes for details of the precise tweaks that have been made to each format.

The Bureaucratic Walk Emote (which had allowed players to glitch their way through in-game scenery) has been repaired and released back into the game once more. A handful of improvements have also been made to the game's iOS and Android companion apps, and a few bugs have been squashed here and there.

Finally, a separate patch has been applied to the PC version of the game only. This fixes a few bugs relating to Clan rosters and degrading visual performance over time.

You'll be prompted to install the new update the next time you attempt to log in to the game.

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