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Destiny 2: Official PC launch trailer has arrived

Witness Destiny 2 in glorious 4K.

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Bungie has unveiled the official launch trailer for the PC version of its blockbuster shooter Destiny 2.

The trailer, which we've embedded below, shows the game running in glorious 4K resolution, with all the PC version's customisable bells and whistles in full flourish.

The PC edition of the game launches late on October 24th or early on the 25th, depending on which region of the world you’re logging in from. It’s also exclusively available to pre-purchase and download on Blizzard’s platform.

While Destiny 2’s PC version doesn’t contain any additional or exclusive content, it’s also not subject to the hardware limitations that go hand in hand with consoles. Bungie’s built the game from the ground up on PC, meaning that it’ll come with a suite of platform-specific options and settings for Guardians to tweak to their heart's content. Expect 4K gameplay with uncapped framerates, FOV sliders and more.

Going by how smoothly Destiny 2 ran during the PC beta, Bungie’s done a fantastic job of optimising the game to run on a wide variety of systems, and even low to mid-range rigs look pretty sweet.

This is the first time Destiny’s come to the PC, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the game fares with a new audience in its opening few weeks. As with any FPS title on PC, success will ultimately come down to how effective Bungie's anti-cheat measures are, and how willing they are to listen to a bigger community when it comes to weapon tuning and balancing.

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