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Destiny 2: No more updates for the original game

Developers instead funnelling feedback into making the best possible sequel.

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When Bungie touted Age of Triumph as the final update for the original Destiny, the developers weren't messing around.

In a recent community update post, Bungie confirmed that the team's entire attention is currently being laser-focused on Destiny 2, and specifically the upcoming beta - which will of course bring plenty of its own bugs for the team to attend to.

That means no new design efforts on the existing game. Instead, Bungie is taking the position that it is better that all player feedback is channelled into making Destiny 2 the best game it can be.

“Our hope is that you'll sense what all your feedback has meant to us when you get your chance to play Destiny 2, wherever or whenever that happens,” the post concludes.

What do you think though? Does Bungie owe those staying behind further development resources, or is it best for everyone to simply double down on moving the new game ever-onwards?

We're happy with the latter approach to be honest, but make sure to vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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