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Destiny 2: New Engrams, Auras, Ornaments and more revealed

An assortment of goodies that might arrive soon in Destiny 2.

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It looks as though a number of new and exciting items may be coming to Destiny 2 in the future, including a couple of new Engrams, an Aura, a golden ship and an Exotic Weapon Ornament.

These details have been unearthed by members of the community who’ve trawled through Destiny 2’s database. We’ve also sourced images and further information from YouTubers Unknown Player and xHOUNDISHx.

Golden Sevens and Sub-Zero Bundles

It’s worth pointing out that information here is very limited and so we're firmly in the realms of speculation. We’re guessing that these items may be rewards for completing certain special events in the future, as each description states that they’re only available for a limited amount of time.

The Golden Sevens Bundle contains an unspecified number of Bright Engrams, Shaders, Bright Dust and a unique ship.

The Sub-Zero Bundle contains Bright Engrams, Bright Dust and a Sub-Zero Ornament for Coldheart. It’s worth noting that in stark contrast to the Golden Sevens Bundle, this one will only be obtainable once. Considering the frosty theme, it's possible this is related to a Christmas event.

Nothing Gold ship

Here’s an image of the Nothing Gold ship which, presumably, you’ll be getting from the Golden Sevens Bundle. It’s very flashy, with a description that reads “Glamour and style for a Guardian on the move”.

Weapon Ornaments

Coldheart’s a PS4-exclusive Exotic weapon until it unlocks for everyone on the 5th December, so perhaps this Exotic Ornament will also become available to all Guardians on that date as well?

Another Ornament which has been discovered in Destiny 2’s database is for the Exotic Raid weapon Legend of Acrius, displaying the shotgun adorned with a white and gold theme.

New Aura

Finally, here’s a picture of the new golden aura that will become available to Guardians, marking them as one of Emperor’s Calus’s champions.

Players who went Flawless in PVP mode Trials of the Nine would earn a similar blue aura around their heads. With this in mind, we anticipate that this golden aura will be reserved for those who manage to battle their way through the upcoming Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid.

If you’re interested in seeing more rare loot, make sure you take a look at our Leviathan raid loot and Prestige gear article which contains all of the exclusive sets.

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