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Destiny 2: Latest hotfix resolves crash bug in The Tower

No more hitches when loading in.

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In Destiny 2’s latest hotfix, Bungie has resolved a bug that caused the game to crash when players tried to load into the Tower social space.

News of the hotfix was confirmed by Bungie over at its official site, and it’s been released for the exclusive purpose of fixing the Tower bug

Players unlock the Tower once they reach the end of the campaign and it acts as a kind of social space where Guardians can interact with one another. More than that, the Tower’s important to players because it’s the main hub for cashing in the various currencies that you’ve earned by adventuring around the game's four worlds, and cracking open those all important Engrams.

Recently though, many members of the community have started experiencing game crashes whenever they tried to load into the Tower.

We’ve downloaded this hotfix for ourselves and the first bit of good news is that it doesn’t take very long to apply at all. Since the release of the fix, it also seems that players are - mostly - experiencing far fewer issues when loading into the Tower.

We say “mostly” because over on Destiny 2’s subreddit post discussing the hotfix, a very small handful of players are still experiencing some difficulties. With any update there are bound to be a few initial persisting issues, but they'll hopefully abate.

The hotfix has come out at just the right time all things consider. The Tower’s currently filled with Guardians flocking to Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner event in the hopes of bagging some glorious-looking armour sets.

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