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Destiny 2: Hands-on content for E3 revealed

Bungie'll be there with bells on.

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Heading to industry super-show E3 next week? If so, you'll have a second chance to go hands-on with the Destiny 2 content that was available to visiting press last May.

Specifically, Bungie has confirmed that the following content will be available for you to play:

Homecoming - The bombastic opening mission that sees The Red Legion invade the Tower and obliterate all of your hard-earned stuff. Assuming you don't mind going in with a spoiler or two under your belt, our Homecoming guide will get you up to speed in pretty short order!

Countdown - Destiny 2's Crucible now includes its first attack-and-defend form in the form of Countdown. Your job is to either attack and plant bombs, or defend the targets. Each team player gets just life and there are limited options for reviving fallen teammates. Our Countdown guide will help you get ahead of the pack here.

The Inverted Spire - The three-man Strike set on Nessus. Your task is to work through a Cabal Drill site and infiltrate a Vex stronghold. At the end you'll face a pretty spicy boss-fight, so take a look at our Inverted Spire guide if you want to make some notes before you go!

(If you need to catch up on just about everything to do with the game, our massive Destiny 2 guide has got you covered.)

If you're going to the show, have fun and don't forget to let us know how you got on with the sequel when you return.

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