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Destiny 2: Faction Rally returns next week with brand new weapon rewards

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Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2’s second Faction Rally event will commence on Tuesday November 7th and run until November 13th. It’ll remain much the same as the first event, albeit with a couple of tweaks and a brand new set of gear rewards to earn.

The news comes as part of Bungie’s weekly blog post which offers information on the adjustments it's made to the the Faction Rally system in Update 1.0.6, as well as the weapons each faction will be handing out this time.

Here are each faction’s brand new weapon rewards.

New Monarchy

Future War Cult

Dead Orbit

Finally, here are the special weapon rewards for each faction. The winning faction will sell this weapon for a limited time, while the others will disappear - choose wisely!

New Monarchy: Sword

Future War Cult: Fusion Rifle

Dead Orbit: Grenade Launcher

For those who aren’t familiar with Destiny 2’s Faction Rally, it’s a week-long event that encourages you to pledge allegiance to one of three factions. Any activities you complete from then on will reward you with redeemable Faction Tokens that’ll grant you special faction packages. Crack these open and you’ll be in with a chance of earning unique weapons and armour.

The winning faction is decided by how many faction packages were earned by its players during the event, and once it all comes to an end the winner will start selling its unique weapon at a discounted price for members - and a much higher cost to members of the opposing faction.

For more information on how it all works, make sure you read our Faction Rally guide as it’ll provide you with all the details you need to get started.

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