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Destiny 2: Eternity map now available to play in the Crucible Playlist

Trials of the Nine map can now appear in the regular map rotation.

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Last Friday saw the debut of Destiny 2's Trials of the Nine event, in which players compete to achieve as high a winstreaks as possible in the game's PVP mode in order to bag some seriously tasty loot rewards.

With the release of Trials of the Nine came a new map called Eternity. Having had its first test run over the weekend's special event, it's now been added to the full Crucible playlist, meaning you could potentially find yourself playing it whenever you queue up for a little PVP action.

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Eternity's a pretty unique map, with lots of bizarre geometric structures and purple and white shading. It's thematically designed around the Emissaries of the Nine who occupy The Spire, and certainly adds a different flavour to the game. We'll have a guide for the map up and running for you a little later on this morning.

Bungie is also addressing player concerns around the matchmaking systems in use for Competitive PVP. According to a recent news post on the game's official website, the matchmaking algorithm is going to be continuously updated over time, to ensure that equally skilled players are being matched up with one another.

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