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Destiny 2: Download size revealed

Here's how much hard drive space you'll need to get going when the game launches.

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A recent listing on the Microsoft Store suggests that Destiny 2's download size will be 29.15GB in total. This is much smaller than the Playstation Store listing of the game, which recommends users have a whopping 68GB of hard drive space free.

Such marked differences in download size suggest that these indicators could simply be placeholders and perhaps shouldn’t be taken too seriously - they are listed as “Approximate download sizes” after all.

Alternatively, the Playstation download size could represent the final version of the game once all DLC content packs have been taken into account. It's perhaps a way of ensuring that PS4 owners reserve plenty of room in their hard drives for future updates.

The original Destiny was 49.4GB including all DLC and patches, and was around 29GB when the vanilla game first launched back in 2014. With this in mind, the download size for Xbox users certainly has some historical legitimacy behind it.

Destiny 2 will be released on 6th September 2017 and PS4 users will be able to pre-load the game three days before on the 3rd. Pre-load dates for Xbox One and PC users have not been confirmed yet, but we reckon they’ll be around the same time.

If you’re after a comprehensive look at everything that's coming with Destiny 2, make sure you check out our massive Destiny 2 guide for all the details.

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