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Destiny 2: Concept art you need to see

Early depictions of planets, weapons and more.

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Ed will not rest until a new Wario Land is announced.

We’ve gathered together a bunch of Destiny 2 concept art which show a variety of environments, Ghaul and three Guardian subclasses.

This looks like the planet Nessus as it shows a Guardian amidst beautiful - and very colourful - vegetation. Make sure you check out our Nessus Guide for more information on this area.
With a very familiar feel to the planet we live on, this looks like Earth to us. You can find out more about the lore surrounding this region as well as feast your eyes on more screenshots in our Earth Guide.
Two Guardians look like they're planning an attack on an enormous stronghold carved out of stone. Seeing as the area resembles a moon, it could very well be Io. Check out our Io Guide for more.
Seeing as it's located on an ocean, this is most certainly Titan. Our Titan Guide details far more on this planet's unique environment.
A sleek new Handcannon.
A Veist Fusion Rifle. Veist are a new weapons manufacturer being introduced to Destiny 2.
A damaged gunship.
A beautiful image of a parade.

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Baddie Ghaul is a pretty big chap.

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