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Destiny 2: Bungie reveals new Curse of Osiris armour sets and weapons

A new teaser trailer showcases some sweet new gear.

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Bungie has released a brand new Curse of Osiris teaser trailer which showcases a number of new armour sets and weapons we’ll be able to obtain once the DLC arrives later this month.

You can watch the new trailer below.

While it’s all packed into one snappy highlight reel, we do get a good look at a number of exciting weapons and armour sets. Notable mentions include a grenade launcher that fires organic explosives that scuttle after enemies and a Trace Rifle that generates a powerful beam of solar light.

There’s also a clip of three Guardians dancing in unison with white and gold themed armour sets equipped. While all the previous sets we’ve seen are clearly themed around the Vex, we reckon these are going to be armour rewards for completing the new Raid Lair coming in Curse of Osiris as they're unlike anything we've seen so far.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Destiny trailer without getting a glimpse of some new emotes. We see a Titan use the new “Mic Drop” Exotic emote and right at the end we get a glimpse of a “Sweeper Bot” one too - we’re sure everyone will be clamouring to get them once Season 2 kicks off.

Destiny’s first expansion the Curse of Osiris launches on 5th December 2017. If you’re after further information on everything that’s coming with this DLC, make sure you check out our Curse of Osiris guide.

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