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Exodus Crash bugs force change of Nightfall Strike in Destiny 2

Exodus Crash is replaced by Pyramidion.

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Earlier today we reported on a bug in the Nightfall version of the Exodus Crash Strike that prevented players from being able to progress through the encounter.

In an annoucement that's just been posted to Bungie's official support Twitter account, the Strike has been removed altogether from this week's reset and replaced with the Pyramidion.

The bug in question prevents pillars of light from spawning in the second open area of Exodus Crash, leaving players unable to trigger the next phase of the encounter. While workarounds - detailed in our original story - exist, they're not guaranteed to work and are clearly not how Bungie would like to see the issue resolved.

We'll keep a close eye on this story and bring you news of any developments as they break. We're also in the process of updating our Pyramidion guide to include help for completing this week's Nightfall edition of the encounter.

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