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Destiny 2: Bugged Prometheus Lens will be made "way too weak"

No longer broken beyond belief.

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Bungie has announced that the Exotic weapon Prometheus Lens is being adjusted to be “way too weak”, and in January it’s going to receive a play-tested design pass.

The news was confirmed in a couple of Tweets from Bungie which acknowledged that players have enjoyed the carnage Prometheus Lens brought to the Crucible, but it stops anyone from using different weapons.

We’ve embedded the Tweets for you below.

Bungie hasn’t given an official date for the drastic nerf, but we presume it’ll go live in game after Hotfix later today (Tuesday 12th December).

If you’re not familiar with what’s been occurring in PVP, Prometheus Lens is an Exotic Trace Rifle that was originally obtainable if you owned the Curse of Osiris DLC. Turns out that it shipped with a bug, which meant that this weapon absolutely shredded anything caught in its fiery laser beam - we’re talking drastically reduced kill times here.

Players picked up on its power and began using it in Crucible, to the point where everyone had to obtain the weapon or suffer. Hop into a game now and it’s guaranteed to be the equivalent of laser tag (admittedly, we love it).

It became so prevalent that Bungie were essentially forced to make Xur sell this weapon so that everyone could enjoy - or be on an even-footing - in PVP.

Here’s a video showcasing it’s absurd power.

While it’s a shame that Prometheus Lens’ power is being brought crashing down, we’re hopeful that it’ll still emerge playable in January. Many players, including us, really enjoyed the frenzy of PVP this week and we’d like to see Bungie introduce zany modes in the future.

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