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Destiny 2: Activision teams up with Rockstar Energy and Pop Tarts

Win in-game bonuses and even real-world rewards.

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Activision has teamed up with Rockstar Energy drinks and Pop-Tarts to provide consumers with additional bonuses in Destiny 2.

As peculiar as this sort of partnership may sound, the company formed a similar allegince with Red Bull to promote the original game, offering XP gains in exchange for product tweets.

Promotional cans of Rockstar Energy drinks will be clearly marked, and will provide codes that you can then redeem for in-game goods. If you plan to take part, bookmark the official site where you'll be able to enter your codes.

As well as providing in-game equipment, those who get involved with the promotion will also be entered into daily, weekly and grand prize draws for more significant real-world rewards, such as a Destiny 2-themed motorbike. Really.

If you're in the US, you'll also be able to buy Pop Tarts to receive experience point gains, and you'll be able to start buying these clearly marked promotional versions starting from the 1st September.

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