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Destiny 2: A public test server may be introduced to PC in the future

It's all a bit up in the air right now.

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A public test server (PTR) for testing new patches ahead of release remains a possibility for those playing Destiny 2 on PC.

In an interview with Crucible design lead Lars Bakken, the developer confirmed that the prospect of a PTR coming to PC hasn't entirely been ruled out.

"I can say that internally we [have test servers] already," said Bakken. "Whether we ever decide to do a public one I am not sure. There is no way to release a game like Destiny without having played it in a realistic environment and in order for us to be confident in it and all the systems we have to play it in a real space. So while we have those things for our development of the game, whether we ever open them up to the public, I don’t know, like maybe, we just don’t know."

Bakken goes on to explain the reasoning behind his uncertainty, and says that it would be a particularly difficult process to run two separate versions of Destiny 2 without putting too much stress on the development team.

"Obviously, the benefits are people would get to see stuff early and we would get feedback on it, but like you know the downside is, it is complex enough to run a game like Destiny just with the team that we have without also running another duplicate version of Destiny that’s in the future," he said.

"It’s a lot of work. So, it’s like what’s the best thing for the game, I don’t know, I can’t answer that question. It might be that we do something like this, but also it might not be the right thing for Destiny and the extra stress on the team."

Having a PTR server suits certain titles, and one of Metabomb's other core titles Overwatch is a great example. In that instance though, it's a PVP-only game that needs somewhere players can test out major balance changes. With no PVE content balancing to consider as well, the development team aren’t pushed beyond their limits.

Destiny 2 is far larger in scale, with Bungie having to balance swathes of both PVP and PVE content on the live servers. Keeeping PTR servers maintained as well? That's potentially too much to handle.

Personally we reckon a test server for PC would be a brilliant addition to Destiny 2, as it would give Bungie the community feedback it needs to make the game an even bigger success.

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