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Destiny 2: A brand new Engram bundle is available in-game

Chock full of cosmetic delights.

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Tess Everis in the Tower is now selling a brand-new Bright Engram package called the Sub-Zero Bundle.

Head on over to Tess Everis at the Tower and you’ll notice that she’s selling a new bundle which contains 3 Bright Engrams, Shaders, Bright Dust and the “Sub-Zero” Exotic Weapon Ornament for Coldheart. If you’re interested in buying this package you’ll have no option but to purchase Silver with real money before handing over 1100 of the stuff over to Tess.

With Hotfix having been deployed yesterday, Bungie decided to slip this bundle in with the bug fixes too. It’s rather puzzling why it’s been made available now as we’ve previously covered this Bright Engram package and presumed it would be tied in with a seasonal event of some kind.

Curiously, there’s another Bright Engram package which members of the community have found in Destiny 2’s database. It’s called the Golden Sevens Bundle and it contains 3 Bright Engrams, Shaders, Bright Dust and a unique ship which we’ve pictured down below.

With the Sub-Zero Bundle flying under the radar, we can only expect this Golden Sevens Bundle to be introduced in another random update somewhere down the line. For now though, we’ll stick to levelling up and earning Bright Engrams the hard way.

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