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Destiny 2: Widow's Walk location and guide (Lost Sector)

Our guide to tracking down and finishing off the next Lost Sector.

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How to locate the entrance to the Widow's Walk Lost Sector in Destiny 2, clear the encounter and beat the boss.

Widow's Walk is a Lost Sector that's located in the Trostland region of Destiny 2's European Dead Zone (EDZ) region.

This isn't one of the trickiest ones to find in the game to be honest - existing as it does right by the fast-travel point - but we wanted to highlight a video for you that rather neatly explains how to find the entrance point and then beat the content inside.

If you find the video useful, do consider dropping the creator a sub and giving the video itself a thumbs up. We also recommend watching the whole video, because things quickly go from being serene to very intense and you'll need to be prepared for the change in pace!

A few notes on completing this Lost Sector.

  • This particular Lost Sector is located in Trostland.
  • From your starting position, head forwards and turn left into the buildings by the big arrow, and the Lost Sector sign draw on wood that's up against the wall.
  • Make your way deep down into the basements of this building. You won't encounter any resistance for quite some time but at the very lowest levels things get quite spicey! Be ready for action at a moment's notice, in other words.
  • When you reach the Mazan boss area with plenty of trash, it's well worth gaining height if you can and doing as much damage as possible to the pack. Alternatively, if you have your Super like in the video above, activate it and smash your way to glory!
  • Once you've killed absolutely every last thing in the room, simply head up the ramp and keep your eyes peeled for the loot box on your right. Easy peasy!

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