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Destiny 2: Weapon Mods guide - skins and customisation options

More customisation tools to toy around with in the sequel.

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Our Destiny 2 Weapon Mods guide contains everything we know about the customisation and skins options that appear to be coming with the sequel.

Destiny's core strength lies in its impeccable gunplay and the never-ending struggle to obtain ever more powerful loot. Showing off those Exotic weapons to your mates when you finally got your hands on them felt great, but these moments of self indulgence didn’t feel as special as they might have done - each item was also in the hands of thousands of other Guardians, after all.

Destiny 2 is aiming to give more customisation options to the players, so that we can put our own stamp on the amazing loot we’ve acquired and set it apart from everyone else's. We’ve based what follows on Youtuber Arekkz’s video, which identifies the existence of Weapon Mods in the game, along with the possibility of Weapon Skins making their way into the game as well.

When you're done, have a look at our core Destiny 2 guide for updated information on everything that's known about the sequel. We've also got a Legendary weapons guide and an Exotic Weapons guide if you'd like to see the delicious cache of weapons that's coming your way.

Weapon mods

If you go into the character menu screen and highlight a weapon in your inventory it reveals all of the stats tied to it, including a few unique bonuses that separate it from the rest. Hovering his cursor on the Suros GJS-42 Hand Cannon, Arekkz draws attention to its special perks, and an icon which simply states: “No weapon mod is applied”.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this indicates that weapon modding will be a feature in Destiny 2. Although we can only speculate ahead of any official information from Bungie, it’s exciting to think about what potential mods there might be out there for us to find.

Maybe these mods work in a similar way to those of other tactical shooters, allowing us to swap out standard scopes and magazines for more exotic varieties that give our weapons special accuracy bonuses or ridiculously fast reload times? We wouldn’t be surprised if these weapon mods varied in rarity from Common to Exotic either, giving players another excuse to cancel real-life plans for a few more hours of solid raiding.

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Weapon skins

Pause the video at 4:19 and you'll see an image of a Hunter sprinting with a green coated Hakke sniper rifle. Arekkz notes that the Hakke faction’s weapons are known to be red in colour, which suggests that it’s possible players will be given some customisation tools to toy around with. Seeing as this is a sequel to a game that revolves around bagging the best loot, it won’t surprise us if Bungie gives us further tools to inject our own personality into the weapons we wield.

Personally we love the idea of pimping out our guns with outlandish camos and skins just to stand out from the crowd and make them truly our own. The introduction of Weapon Mods is an exciting step towards this increased individuality and we can’t wait to see what’s revealed next.

Keep an eye on our Destiny 2 guide page for all the latest news, updates and insight on the upcoming game.

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