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Destiny 2: Vendor guide

Everything we know so far about Destiny 2's vendors.

Our Destiny 2: Vendor guide contains details on every vendor, their items and where they can be found.

While looting the fallen corpses of your enemies or cracking open treasure chests will be your main source of fancy new gear, vendors are also extremely important ways of obtaining unique equipment for your Guardians. Not only do they buy and sell powerful kit, they’re also some of your only ways of bagging upgrades for your class and beyond.

We’re running on very limited information at the moment, brought to us by NFSGaming’s leak over on Destiny 2’s Subreddit. So, we don’t have any details on what the vendors will be selling or in depth walkthroughs on their location among many other things - bear with us on this front. Of course, when we get our hands on the game, we’ll build on this guide dramatically and overhaul it completely - keep it bookmarked for more!

Also - like you need any warning anyway - major spoilers ahead.

Everything we know so far

Here’s a table of the leak itself along with a screenshot, outlining a number of vendors and where they’re located.

Darbi 55-30The FarmPostmaster
Kadi 55-30The FarmPostmaster
Tess EverisThe Farm / The TowerEververse Promoter
Tyra KarnThe FarmCryptarch Activist
Master RahoolThe TowerCryptarch Activist
Suraya HawthorneThe Farm / The TowerFarm Overseer
Lord ShaxxThe Farm / The TowerCrucible Overseer
Arcite 99-40The FarmGunsmith
Banshee-44The TowerGunsmith
Cayde-6The Farm, The TowerVanguard (Hunter)
Ikora ReyThe Farm, The TowerVanguard (Warlock)
ZavalaThe Farm, The TowerVanguard (Titan)
Devrin KeyTrostland (EDZ)Overseer
SloaneSiren's Watch (Titan)Overseer
FailsafeExodus Black (Nessus)Overseer
Asher MirThe Rupture (Io)Overseer
XurAll four Regions (Varies)Special
Amanda HollidayThe TowerHangar Overseer

Xur’s back too!

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll continue expanding on this guide in a big way in the near future - keep this page bookmarked for more!

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