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Destiny 2: Scannable Objects guide

Our guide in progress to tracking down every Scannable Object in Destiny 2.

Our guide to Destiny 2's Scannable Objects will include details of how to track down every single one of these special lore items.

Spread all around the game world of Destiny 2 are more than a hundred items known as Scannable Objects. These items provide further insight into the lore of the game, and you use your Ghost to interact with each one to extract the info (a bit like you've done a hundred times before in missions past...)

It can be quite tricky to locate these objects, but if you use your Ghost to perform a scan “sweep” of the local area, any nearby ones will become highlighted in the UI. Some of these items look a little different from one another, but they'll all be quite distinct if you search for them this way.

It's worth pointing out that, as with all open world item hunts such as this, you might want to keep a note of those you've already discovered during natural play. Otherwise - once you start consulting a walkthrough like this - you run the risk of duplicating your efforts, or being uncertain as to whether you've definitely grabbed the object in question. It can be quite painful.

If you do just want to hunt these items naturally - and more power to you, intrepid explorer - then get into the habit of activating your Ghost scan regularly, and whenever you find yourself exploring a new area in particular.

Once the game is live, we'll be adding in video and image guides to help you hunt down each Scannable object in the following game regions:

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Scannable Objects

There are a total of 41 Scannable Objects to locate in the European Dead Zone (EDZ). As soon as we've explored the game fully ourselves, we'll add detail for tracking them all down right here.

Io Scannable Objects

There are 28 Scannable Objects sprinkled around the Io region of Destiny 2. Once we've tracked them down, we'll add in location details.

Our most popular Destiny 2 guides:

Nessus Scannable Objects

Once you've exhausted every last activity to be had in Nessus (there are lots...), you can start hunting for the 37 lore items hidden in the zone. Again, details will be added here as soon as we've tracked them down.

Titan Scannable Objects

While it's not exactly one of the busiest zones in the game, there are 23 Scannable Objects located in the Titan area of Destiny 2. More location details to come once we've tracked 'em all down.

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