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Destiny 2: Road Rage walkthrough guide (Adventure)

How to complete this Adventure on Io.

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Our Destiny 2: Road Rage walkthrough guide explains how to destroy and hunt down all of the Vex, eliminate the Hydras and take out Vladon, Inquistor Mind.

Turns out that Asher’s worked up about the Vex’s growing interest in the Io Vault. This means that he’s got an unusual suggestion which naturally involves you going about destroying them all.

For the most part, you’ll be riding about on a Red Legion Interceptor and blowing the Vex to smithereens. It’s a fun mission that substitutes brain power for explosive power and makes for a pretty wild ride.

Below we’ve put together a handy guide that’ll take you through the entire mission and explain how to complete all of its objectives.

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Acquire a Red Legion Interceptor, Hunt down the Vex and Destroy the Vex

Once you’ve activated the mission, follow the marker into a Cabal base. You’ll see quite few grey icons pop up on your HUD, so make your way over to these and hop on one of many Interceptors.

When you’re driving the Interceptor, turn right and head back out into the open. Now it’s a case of driving around and blowing up any Vex you see in the area until you reach 100%.

At the point where you’ve reach 100% you’ll be prompted to “Hunt down the Vex”. Pay attention to the marker that pops up on your minimap and head towards it. Again, you’ll be lead to another bunch of Vex to eliminate.

Once you’re done, head to the next area marked on your minimap.

Eliminate the Hydras and Vladon, Inquisitor Mind

You’ll be directed to three different Hydras which you’ll have to take out. You don’t even need your Interceptor for this part, so don’t be afraid to ditch it in favour of your own tools of destruction.

If you do prefer having an Interceptor to ride about on, there’s an Interceptor spawn point near the third Hydras location so keep an eye on your HUD for it.

Once you’ve finished them all off, you’ll have to hunt down Vladon, Inquisitor Mind.

Follow the marker and you’ll come across a tough Vex Hyrda by the name of Vladon. We recommend staying at a distance and hitting him hard in that glowing eye. In many ways, it’s probably easier to ditch the Interceptor at this point and take him on the traditional way. His attacks seem purpose built to destroy your Interceptor, so it’s wise to abandon it.

Pepper Vladon with power ammo or even unleash a Super to whittle his health bar down. When he’s eliminated, that’s the Adventure complete!

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