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Destiny 2: Release walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Our essential guide to completing the Release mission on Nessus.

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Our Destiny 2: Release walkthrough guide explains how to clear the room, destroy the Wardens and examine the Vex relic.

The Vex are capturing the Fallen and Failsafe would like you to put an end to this rather strange behaviour. As with any mission, it’s far from a walk in the park. You’ll have to descend into a Vex cavern, only for it to descend into an onslaught the moment you stop for a breather. The final encounter sees you face off against three mini-bosses in quick succession, so it can get pretty hairy if you’re not careful.

Thankfully we’ve put together a walkthrough that’ll make completing each objective much easier and each encounter more manageable.

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Enter the cave and clear the rooms

Once you’ve accepted this Adventure, follow the map marker into the cave entrance. Continue winding your way down the narrow tunnel and you’ll eventually stumble into a Minotaur Guard. Take it out and proceed through the pathway to your left.

Now that you’ve reached the end, your objective will update and you’ll have to clear the room. This boils down to taking care of all the enemies in your immediate vicinity, so go about clearing the mobs that reside in the area. There’s not too much to worry about here as most of the mobs are fairly weak.

Eventually the marker will update and you’ll have to travel further into the Vex cavern and clear another room. Move through the narrow corridor and deal with the Minotaur Guard in your way. Again, keep descending further into the cave until you reach an open area filled with Vex cages housing Fallen captives.

Now it’s time to clear the room again - you know what to do.

Defeat the Wardens and examine the relic

Since you’ve wiped out a number of Fallen and Vex enemies in the area, you’ll have to take on some pretty beefy Vex Wardens who aren’t big fans of your antics.

They’re essentially massive Minotaurs, so don’t take them lightly. Avoid getting up close and instead focus on taking out their shields from mid to long range with an energy or power weapon. Once it’s down, hit them hard in the chest with a weapon of your choice. It’s not a bad idea to pound them with a rocket or grenade launcher when they’re vulnerable.

If you’ve got a ranged Super, now’s the time to use it. Damage over time grenades like Pulse and Voidwall for example are a great way of quickly depleting their health bars. Simply throw them at their feet once they’ve stopped moving and you’re guaranteed to take away a decent chunk of health for practically zero effort - nice.

Be aware of their cannons as they can burst you down in only a couple of blasts. It’s key that you’re constantly ducking behind cover or floating away when they’re aiming for you. Try and avoid facing them head on and attempting to strafe these shots as this simply won’t work.

When you’re done with the Wardens, follow the map marker all the way through another narrow tunnel and out the other side. Here you’ll see a floating, rotating Vex artifact of sorts. Interact with it and you’ll complete the mission, nice work!

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