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Destiny 2: Red Legion Black Oil walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Our step by step guide to completing this EDZ mission.

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Our Destiny 2: Red Legion Black Oil walkthrough guide explains how to find the Organogel samples and caches, and sabotage the Organogel supply.

The Cabal use a strange substance called Organogel to power their technology and we’d rather they have no power at all. That’s why we’re going to destroy their production process and sabotage their caches of mysterious dark liquid.

You’ll have to track down what they’re using, find caches of it and then sabotage them. Once you’ve done so, it’s a case of legging it out of their base before you get swamped in enemy mobs. Thankfully we’ve put together a simple guide that’ll get you through this mission with absolutely no issues at all.

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Collect Organogel Samples, find the Organogel Caches and Sabotage the Organogel Supply

Head towards the large ramp leading into the belly of Firebase Hades. Here you’ll encounter a number of Cabal enemies that you’ll need to eliminate in order to collect Organogel samples. They should drop them liberally, so it shouldn’t take too long. Keep moving further into the base to encounter more Cabal to loot if you’re struggling to find any enemies.

Once you’ve found all 5, head all the way up the ramp and into Firebase Hades. Follow the corridor all the way until you reach an expansive open area. Now the objective will change to “Deal with the Organogel Supply”. Turn directly to your right, press the touchpad and it’ll highlight the console you need to interact with. Do this and you’ll have four other objective markers spring up. Now you’ll have to go through the same process by moving to each console - ignore the enemies to get it over with quickly.

Escape the Ship and Draw Out Gunships

Now that you’re done, follow the markers and run out of the Firebase. You shouldn’t encounter any resistance until you reach the ramp outside. Continue until you’re completely out in the open and the objective changes.

To complete the mission, follow the last marker up to a heli-pad and simply stand there - job done!

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