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Destiny 2: Pre-load guide

Here's how to pre-load Warmind before it launches.

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Our Destiny 2: Pre-load guide contains a simple breakdown of when Destiny 2's expansions are available to pre-load on all platforms.

Before a big Destiny 2 expansion drops, Destiny 2 players on all platforms can begin downloading DLCs to prepare themselves for the main event. Those on PS4, Xbox One and PC can start getting expansion content on their systems ahead of time, and all it takes is knowing when it all takes place. From there on out, you'll just have to login to initiate the automatic download.

Below you'll find a handy breakdown of how and when to pre-load expansions as they're released.

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Warmind Pre-load

BREAKING: Warmind Pre-load available now!

Destiny 2's second expansion is available to pre-load now on all platforms. Simply login to whatever you're using, be it PC, Xbox One or PS4 and Destiny 2 should start downloading a pretty hefty update before Warmind kicks off later tonight.

Do bear in mind that Destiny 2's servers are currently offline, so you won't be able to play the game while Warmind pre-loads. If you're wondering when Destiny 2's servers are coming back online, do make sure you read our "When will Destiny 2's servers back online?" page!


Curse of Osiris Pre-load times

Here's when you can begin pre-loading the DLC in your region.

  • 8:00AM PST
  • 11:00AM EST
  • 16:00PM BST

Finally, here's when Curse of Osiris is expected to launch on all platforms once server maintenance has completed.

  • 10:00AM PST
  • 13:00PM EST
  • 18:00PM BST

How to pre-load Curse of Osiris on all platforms

Here's how to get the DLC pre-load started on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  • Simply login to your PSN account and check your Notifications tab.
  • In your Notifications it should say that you're downloading an update that's roughly 6GB in total.
  • If this isn't happening, it's worth selecting options on your Destiny 2 icon and checking for updates manually.

Xbox One

  • Login to your Xbox One and head on over to your Games and Apps.
  • From here you'll want to check the Ready to Install tab on your left for a Destiny 2 update.
  • Simply click on it, select install and it'll pop into your queue - job done.
  • If this isn't happening, it's worth selecting options on your Destiny 2 icon and checking for updates manually.


  • Sign in to your launcher.
  • Once you've signed in, select the Destiny 2 icon and it should automatically begin pre-loading a file of roughly 6GB.

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