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Destiny 2: Legendary Armour guide

All of the Legendary armour sets we currently know about in Destiny 2.

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On this page you'll find every Destiny 2 Legendary Armour set we currently know about. It will be updated considerably over time.

Destiny 2’s three Classes vary in their strengths and abilities, with Warlocks able to rain fire from the sky, Titans summoning huge barriers to shield their friends and Hunters whipping out their golden guns. They all need different armour to complement their abilities though, and Legendary sets are among some of the best items you can wear on the battlefield.

These are all of the Legendary armour sets that have been revealed so far in Destiny 2, and we’ll adding to the list when we learn more about the game. Make sure take a look at our Legendary Weapons guide when you're done, and our main Destiny 2 guide contains even more information about the sequel!

Some of them are quite long, so keep scrolling down to see the whole set!

Legendary Warlock Armour

Ankaa Seeker IV

  • Sacrificing shield strength for mobility, this armour set is made for Warlocks who want to maximise their mobility on the battlefield.
  • The chest armour provides a nice little reduction to your grenade recharge rate, making it faster than ever.

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Legendary Titan Armour

The Shelter In Place

  • This armour is for Titans who hold the first line of defence, tanking damage for allies or protecting them with barriers.
  • Less mobility doesn’t matter to a Titan who cares about having a bulkier shield to summon.
  • Weapon handling is improved and the chest plate will increase your Class abilities uptime.

Noble Constant Type 2

  • With largely the same skills as the armour set above, Titan’s wearing Noble Constant Type 2 will be slow to move but even harder to take down.
  • The helmet’s ability means less flinching under fire, so shooting at foes or protecting allies won’t be a problem in the thick of an intense firefight.

Legendary Hunter Armour


  • Similar to the Ankaa Warlock armour, this set boosts mobility at the cost of shield strength.
  • Melee abilities recharge faster, so it’s for those Hunters who want to dash into a fight and get out just as quickly.

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