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Destiny 2: Invitation from the Emperor walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Our essential walkthrough to this Nessus Adventure.

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Our Destiny 2: Invitation from the Emperor walkthrough guide explains how to gather data from Cabal consoles, defend the Confluxes and reach the beacon.

A mysterious message is drawing the Red Legion to a remote corner of Nessus and Cayde’s a little worried about it. As always, you’ll be the one to check it out and do his dirty work.

At first you’ll have to check out what’s going on in a mysterious looking Vex Ruin, which suddenly opens out into an enormous area, ominously entitled the “Well of Flame”. From here on out you’ll be gathering data from the Cabal and fending them off at the same time. It’s an Adventure that slowly ramps up in intensity, so it’s important that you’re prepared for a lengthy fight. We’ve put a walkthrough together to make sure you gather the Cabal’s intel and make it out safe and sound.

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Enter the Vex Ruins and Gather Data from the Cabal Consoles

Once you’ve started the mission, follow the marker over to the Vex Ruins. Cut across the Vex river, either by powering over it with a Sparrow or constantly jump-gliding.

Head up the stairs and platform your way up the tower, clearing the Cabal as you go. When you’re in, hop into the enormous Well of Flame and boost to slow your descent.

Press forwards, drop down the ledge and continue through to a large open space with a circular space in the center. Your job here is to gather data from the Cabal consoles and we don’t recommend jumping into the middle and going awol.

Instead, drop down and skirt the perimeter of this area, clearing the Cabal as you go and using the environment as cover. Ensure that you clear the area around each console before you start downloading their contents. It’s a rather lengthy process so be warned!

Now you’ve downloaded everything, it’s time to get out of there and reach the landing site.

Clear out the Dropship Crew, Defend the Confluxes and Reach the Landing Site

Follow the marker over to the glowing pad on the floor and you’ll be transported to a new space. Proceed straight on and follow the corridor around until you emerge on the outside.

It’s now time to summon the Sparrow or jump-glide your way back across the Vex river.

Follow the marker and you’ll be asked to clear out a dropship crew of Cabal Legionaries. They’ll be pretty easy to spot and go by the title “7th Company”, so wipe them all out and head on over to the new map marker.

This will bring you to two Confluxes that resemble large Data Lattices. All you need to do for the time being is stand near them until the reticule hits 100%.

When they’re fully charged up, it’s time to defend both of them from Cabal threats. Again, you’re trying to raise their percentages back up to 100%, but this progress can be interrupted if Cabal draw close to either Conflux. You’ll be notified which Conflux is under threat by the current objective on your HUD.

Keep an eye on your HUD and constantly clear each wave of Cabal as they gravitate towards the Confluxes. We recommend whipping out an SMG, Auto Rifle, Sword or Shotgun to deal with the mobs as you’re rarely going to be picking them off from long range. If you’re taking damage, we recommend using the Conflux itself as a form of cover - it’s surprisingly effective.

Once you’re done, it’s time to finish off the Adventure. Follow the marker all the way over to a large rock that’s home to a bunch of fancy looking technical equipment. Interact with it and that’s the mission done!

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