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Destiny 2: Hack the Planet walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Our essential walkthrough to complete this Adventure on Nessus.

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Our Destiny 2: Hack the Planet walkthrough guide explains how to connect Failsafe, stabilise the Confluxes and release Failsafe.

Ghost has a plan to interface with the Nessus core, but he’ll need Failsafe’s help to do so. Of course, it all descends into chaos in the end.

For this Adventure you’ll have to complete a number of objectives to connect Failsafe into Nessus before destroying a number of data cubes, stabilising confluxes and other dangerous things. It’s going to involve a lot of running about and interacting with objects, so ready your Sparrow and get your mobility stats up, it’s going to be quite the explosive jaunt.

As this mission involves a large amount of steps, we’ve put together a walkthrough that’ll guide you through the process and make sure you reach that finishing line without too much trouble.

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Connect Failsafe and Unlock the Nessus Core

When the Adventure kicks off, you’ll have to plant three beacons at three separate locations. These will appear as map markers, and as they’re a quite spread out, it’s worth ignoring the pockets of Vex you’ll face and beelining it straight for the objective instead.

Simply sprint over to each position and interact with each area to plant the beacons. Once you’re done, get ready to travel a fair distance over to the next objective.

When you pull up, deal with the two Vex enemies and interact with the enormous core embedded in the wall. Now that’s done, your next objective is located high above you. Turn left and ascend up the path a little. Swing right and run onto the white stone blocks. You’ll spot a Vex booster portal just up ahead, use this to propel you over to the other side.

When you land, look just to your left and interact with the green sphere to Hack Nessus.

Stabilise the Confluxes and collect the Mind Core

Once you’ve hacked into Nessus, turn left and you’ll see a white Vex Conflux materialise in front of you. Stand in its place once it’s gone to begin stabilising it. Stay there until the reticule reaches 100% and Data Cubes will begin appearing in the air, so shoot them as they appear.

Drop down from your platform and another Conflux will appear nearby. It’s a case of repeating the same process again - stand by them and shoot the Data Cubes that pop up while doing so.

When you’re done a tough Network Minotaur will phase in. Avoid using your Super here as it’ll teleport away after taking a certain amount of damage. Instead, keep on the move and whittle its health down the traditional way.

It’ll vanish to a place nearby twice and surround itself with a couple of Vex cronies in the process. Follow each marker to its new location and begin using your Super, power weapons and grenades to eventually finish it off. Honestly, it doesn’t really present much of a threat so long as you stay on the move and don’t get too close.

Rescue Failsafe, Stabilise the Confluxes and Release Failsafe

Follow the marker through a winding Vex tunnel and prepare to stabilise a few more confluxes. It’s through exactly the same methods as before, but you’re in a much more enclosed space. Be careful not to stand too close to the Data Cubes when you shoot them as their explosion will instantly be the end of you.

Make sure you’re clearing the Vex mobs as you go. We highly recommend equipping a close range SMG, Shotgun or Sword to eliminate them all swiftly so they don’t overwhelm you.

When you’ve stabilised the Confluxes, you’ll have to do battle with a bulky Network Cyclops. Be careful not to stand directly opposite it’s eye and attempt to barrage it with gunfire. Instead, duck behind some rocks or pillars and constantly peek out while blasting it in its glowing yellow eye socket. Keep doing this and it won’t even touch you!

Once you’ve toppled the Network Minotaur, that’s the end of the Adventure!

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