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Destiny 2: Grove of Ulan-Tan location and guide (Lost Sector)

How to find and complete this Io Lost Sector.

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How to find the entrance to the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector located in the Io region of Destiny 2, clear the encounter and take home your loot.

One of the more obvious Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, the Grove of Ulan-Tan is marked on Io’s map as a cavern located at the very top of Lost Oasis. It’s also glaringly easy to spot too, with a generously positioned walkway that guides you nicely into its entrance. Out of all the Lost Sectors in Io, this is probably the most straightforward, so make sure you get in there and bag yourself some easy - and powerful - gear.

Below we’ve embedded a neat video which guides you through the Grove of Ulan-Tan’s exact position on the map, its surrounding area and what baddies you’ll encounter when you step foot inside. Do consider dropping a like on the video if you found it helpful, and potentially subscribe if you’re after similar content too. We’ve also put together a text summary which you’ll find below the video to aid you even further.

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  • Starting from the entrance, wind your way through the rocky tunnel until the cavern opens out. You’ll see a large tree in the center with Vex Goblins scattered around it.
  • Either skirt round the path on the right, or hop down and slay the Goblins. Keep moving forwards and you’ll encounter a Vex Minotaur. Whip out an energy weapon to take down its shield and then destroy it quickly by shooting its glowing white heart.
  • Once you’re done, proceed straight on through the archway and keep going until you reach another opening. Again, you’ll be facing a number of Vex Goblins but in an enclosed space with towering tree trunks rising out of a luminous blue pool.
  • Deal with the Goblins and move forwards through the next entrance, into another winding tunnel with - you guessed it - even more Goblins.
  • Once you reach the end, prepare to face off against the mini-boss Qeldron, Keeper. If you’ve got grenades of a Super handy, make sure you use them. Otherwise, it’s worth hanging back and taking aim at the white hearts of the Goblins first, before turning your attention to Qeldron.
  • Now that you’ve taken him down, the loot crate should be on the ledge at the back wall.
  • Lost Sector complete!

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