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Destiny 2: Getting Your Hands Dirty walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Here’s how to complete this EDZ Adventure without any trouble at all.

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Our Destiny 2: Getting Your Hands Dirty walkthrough guide explains how to irradiate the areas and destroy the Blights.

As one of the earlier missions in Destiny 2, Getting Your Hands Dirty is given out by Hawthorne and requires you to research the Taken before taking it to the next level and destroying a number of their Blights dotted around the EDZ.

It’s fairly straightforward in principle, and involves following your objective markers, killing enemies and collecting the loot they drop. Only towards the end of the mission does it become a little tougher, with targets upping in number and difficulty. We’ve put together a handy guide to make sure you get through it without a hitch.

If you’re struggling to know where exactly you should be heading, we’ve embedded a video around halfway down the page which will help you on your way!

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”Research” the Taken

Follow the two objective markers that appear on your HUD and they’ll bring you to Taken mobs. Simply drop them and you’ll begin gathering “Radiation Samples”. When you’ve killed enough, the objective will complete and you’ll have to move on.

Go to Enemy Territory and Irradiate the Area

Power your way all the way over to the objective marker that’ll take you to The Gulch.

The markers will then split into four large ones, and you’re required to move towards each one and stand in the area. This’ll fill up the “Areas Irradiated” percentage.

Get it to 100% and you’re onto the next objective.

Destroy the Blights

Now’s the time to eliminate four Taken Blights, so head over to the next objective marker on your HUD which’ll lead you into wide open territory.

You’ll see a dark, glowing hue in the distance, so run towards this and tons of Taken will come into view. Your aim to eliminate the mobs surrounding the Blight, and destroy it in any way you see fit.

Travel to each location, clear the mobs and destroy the Blights. Just be patient if you’re getting overwhelmed, or even use your Super to speed things up considerably.

Once you’re done, that the Adventure complete!

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