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Destiny 2: Gauntlet Challenge guide: Tips, strategy advice and rewards

Here's how to clear the toughest version of the Gauntlet yet.

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Our Destiny 2 Gauntlet Challenge guide contains a walkthrough for the encounter, with tips, tricks and strategy advice to ensure that you bag your extra rewards.

The second Leviathan Challenge has been activated this week, and this time you’re going to take on a slightly tricker take on the Raid’s Gauntlet section.

To put it very simply, the challenge makes it so that players cannot stand on the same plate more than once. This means that if you stand on the same plate for the entirety of the encounter, you’ll fail the challenge and not receive your juicy loot rewards.

In order to complete this challenge then, you’ll have to rotate between each plate. This means you’ll be doing something a different every time. One phase you’ll be running the gauntlet itself, killing enemies on the ground or manning a plate and shooting the arrows.

Imagine you’re starting off on a plate, and your other teammates are manning the ground and the gauntlet. When you’ve cleared the mobs and the orb has spawned, you’ll shoot the correct arrow as you’ve always done. However, instead of sticking around once you’ve done so, you’ll instantly move on to the next plate and leave your teammates to do the rest.

It’s much easier to view this challenge in video form and Arekkz has done a fantastic job explaining exactly what needs to be done and shows it in motion.

If you found this Gauntlet Challenge Mode guide helpful, do makes sure to give the video itself a thumbs-up and consider subscribing to the channel as well. Arekkz always produces insightful Destiny 2 content and is one of our favourite YouTubers when it comes to news and features.


What about the rewards for completing the Gauntlet Challenge Mode this week? Well, if you manage to clear this encounter by following all the right steps, you’ll receive a unique emblem which shows off your Raiding prowess.

As well a purely cosmetic reward, you’ll also bag a guaranteed raid drop from the encounter - nice.

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