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Destiny 2: Distant Shores guide

Tips and tricks to ensure you’re always on the winning side.

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Our Destiny 2: Distant Shores guide contains everything you need to know about this map, including tips, tricks and strategy advice to help dominate your opponents.

It’s Lord Saladin’s first foray into Destiny 2, and not only does he bring us the Iron Banner event but also a reskin of the Shores of Time map from the original game - surprise! Now it’s called Distant Shores and is set on the rather lush landscape of Nessus, in stark comparison to its old, overgrown look that vaguely resembles The Fortress.

Think of a larger Endless Vale and you’ve basically got the gist of Distant Shores. It’s a fairly large, circular map that features a mixture of wide open spaces and tight corridors. We’re really glad it’s back as it always provides a perfect variety of skirmishes and caters to those who want to spray and pray, and players who relish long distance headshot battles.

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Distant Shores - Tips and Tricks

  • We recommend equipping both a long range and short range weapon. The nature of the map means that you'll be engaging enemies at all sorts of distances so this will ensure you're ready for every eventuality.
  • We highly recommend running together as a unit and focusing on the same targets. Even if you're in a game of randomers, it's still best to stick with someone and back them up!
  • There are a number of flanking routes to each area of the map, make sure you use them.
  • If you're playing Control and are aiming to take Point B, you can jump around the outside to take enemies who are waiting at the gateway by surprise.
  • Don't be afraid to back away from a fight if you're taking too much damage. Let your health recover, find another way to your objective and sometimes you'll catch your enemy off guard.
  • We found most success on this map through avoiding long distance fights and limiting them to medium-short distance.
  • When you're about to enter a narrow corridor, sometimes it's good to pre-aim so you can get the first shot on an enemy before they even know what's hit them.

That's all we've got for you now, but rest assured we'll overhaul this guide with further detailed tips and tricks when we've given it a thorough testing ourselves - keep this page bookmarked for more!

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