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Destiny 2: Weekly Resets schedule calendar - September 2017

Our essential calendar of every rest in Destiny 2 for the month of September 2017.

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A Weekly Reset schedule calendar for every Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike, Xur location, Flashpoint and Trials of the Nine event in September 2017.

If you think there's a lot to be getting on with in Destiny 2 during the launch window, wait until you see what Bungie's got cooked up for September and beyond.

Each week there'll be a new set of challenges to get stuck into, with the action resetting every Tuesday and Friday, with some variation to account for the timing of the launch window.

When the new week comes around, there'll be a fresh Nightfall strike to get stuck into, a new Flashpoint location to explore, and a brand new Trials of the Nine PVP challenge to beat.

It's going to be quite hard keeping track of all this, but thankfully we've got a breakdown of what's unlocking and when during the month of September.

UPDATE #1 - Daily and Weekly Resets occur at 02:00am PDT | 10:00am BST | 11:00am CEST

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Tuesday 12th September 2017

Nightfall Guided Games begins on this date as well.

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Friday 15th September 2017

Tuesday 19th September 2017

  • Nightfall Strike: Exodus Crash (Attrition / Time Warp: Anomalies)
  • Flashpoint: Io

Friday 22nd September 2017

Since releasing the image above, Bungie has confirmed that Week 3 of Trials will be Countdown and not Survival. We've reflected that change in the breakdown below:

Tuesday 26th September 2017

- Leviathan Raid Guided Games beta goes live this week.

- Faction Rally begins this week.

Friday 29nd September 2017

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