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Destiny 2 Warmind: Lost Memory Fragments guide (Locations)

Where to find every Lost Memory Fragment in the new playable area and unlock Worldline Zero.

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Every Lost Memory Fragment Location required to unlock Worldline Zero and a new Exotic Sparrow.

The launch of Warmind has added a new set of collectibles to scavenge for in Destiny 2. Named Lost Memory Fragments, these items are sprinkled across the various regions of the new playable area of Mars.

There are 45 of these to collect in total. Once you've acquired 35 of them you'll unlock the Wordline Zero Exotic Sword. Once you've bagged the lot of them you'll unlock an exclusive new Sparrow - you'll find the cache for this in Olympus Descent.

In this guide we've highlighted some well-produced videos by Esoterickk that will explain how to track down each and every one of these collectible items. By referencing them you should have no trouble unlocking the items in record time! If you find them useful, please consider giving the YouTuber a few thumbs-up and a sub.

When you're done, make sure you take a look through our massive Destiny 2 Warmind guide - it contains help with just about every aspect of the new DLC!

How to destroy Lost Memory Fragments

Before we get started on all the Lost Memory Fragment locations below, we thought it best to kick this guide off with a crucial piece of advice to make things much smoother.

Each Memory Fragment you come across is a different colour, and in order to destroy one, you'll need to damage it with the corresponding energy type until it explodes.

Here's a list of all the different colours and the energy types you'll need to damage them with.

  • White - Kinetic
  • Blue - Arc
  • Orange - Solar
  • Purple - Void
  • Crackling Orange* - Valkyrie

*Some Lost Memory Fragments crackle with a dark orange energy, and for these you'll need to hit them with the Valkyrie Spear weapon.

Finally, you'll want to make sure your inventory is well stocked with weapons that cover a wide range of energy types. This way you won't ever be in a position where you don't have the right energy type to match the Memory Fragment - trust us, we've been there plenty of times.

Lost Memory Fragments by Region

Here's where you'll find all of the Lost Memory Fragments in each region. The number at the end of each title indicates how many there are to find in any given area.

Olympus Descent Lost Memory Fragments (3)

Glacial Drift Lost Memory Fragments (12)

Braytech Futuresafe Lost Memory Fragments (10)

Aurora Reach Lost Memory Fragments (2)

Mindlab Lost Memory Fragments (4)

Dynamo Approach Lost Memory Fragments (1)

Alton Dynamo Lost Memory Fragments (9)

Ma'Adim Subterrane Lost Memory Fragments (2)

These are located in a Lost Sector

Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragments (2)

These are located in a Lost Sector

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Lost Fragment Rewards

Here are the rewards you'll receive for tracking down the Lost Fragments:

Worldline Zero - Exotic Sword

Exotic Sparrow

That ends the first edition of our guide to finding every Lost Memory Fragment in Destiny 2.

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