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Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris - Release date, rewards, and new features

Here's everything we know so far about the returning mode.

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Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris is a 3 vs 3 pinnacle PvP activity. It’s returning in Season of the Worthy and will feature fan favourite maps, armour sets and more. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the mode.

With the arrival of Season of the Worthy, Bungie is resurrecting the much anticipated Trials of Osiris. Well, technically it was called Trials of the Nine when Destiny 2 first launched, but it was quickly benched (for an absolute eternity) as players weren’t too happy with the reworked format.

It seems like Bungie has listened to the community’s pleas to make it more like the original. And so, Trials of Osiris seems set to bring back much of what made the original so moreish. Three-on-three teams, power advantages, and the return of fan favourite maps and armour pieces from Destiny 1.

Below we’ll guide you through everything we know so far about the mode, and we’ll keep this page updated with all the latest - stay tuned!

What is Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2?

Here’s a quick overview of the game mode:

What is the release date?

Trials of Osiris will release in Destiny 2 with the arrival of the Season of the Worthy on 13th March 2020.

Is it PvP or PvE?

Trials of Osiris is a PvP mode which becomes playable every weekend from Friday at 10 AM PST to the Weekly Reset on Tuesday. It’s where three-on-three teams face off against one another in an Elimination format and try to earn as many wins as possible. Lose three times and your ticket will expire. Post trial rewards are determined by how many wins your fireteam earned.

A fireteam who goes flawless by accumulating nine wins and zero losses on a single Trials run will be able to travel to The Lighthouse, an exclusive location on Mercury which contains unique, powerful loot.

It's not yet known how you'll access Trials of Osiris, but we imagine you'll need to report to Mercury and purchase a Trials Ticket. Trials won't feature matchmaking, which means you'll need to find two other players of a similar Power Level to join your fireteam. As soon as we've got the full details, we'll update this page with all the latest!

What’s new?

- While it’s not technically new, Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris will feature the return of three fan favourite maps: Cauldron, Exodus Blue, and Anomaly.

- Again it’s not new, but it looks great. The original Trials of Osiris gearset from Destiny 1 will be earnable. If you own this gear and go flawless, these armour pieces are weapons will glow to highlight your achievement.

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