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Destiny 2: Treasure Map guide: How to locate and loot Treasure Chests

Everything you need to know about this end-game activity in Destiny 2.

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Our Destiny 2 Treasure Map guide explains how to buy these items, and then use them to track down Cayde 6's Treasure Chests.

Once you hit the Level 20 cap in Destiny 2 there's no end of activities to get stuck into, and one of the little side activities you can pursue involves tracking down a collection of Treasure Chests. Hints for the locations of these chests change weekly, and you'll need to visit Cayde-6 at The Tower to get your hands on the latest batch of clues.

These items are sprinkled around the various worlds of Destiny 2, and each week a new planet will be targeted. In our Treasure Map guide, we'll explain exactly what you have to do to get started on these foraging missions, and what the rewards for doing so actually are!

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How do you get Treasure Maps in Destiny 2?

Treasure Maps become available after you've hit Level 20. To pick them up, you'll need to rendezvous with Cayde 6 at either The Farm or The Tower, and talk to him.

You'll see that he has a collection of maps to sell for a few thousand Glimmer each. At this stage of your adventures that should feel like a pretty reasonable price, so simply grab all five off them from him.

How do you find Treasure Chests in Destiny 2?

Having purchased your Treasure Maps from Cayde 6, your next job is to head to the European Dead Zone and start hunting for the chests that are hidden around the region.

To do so, simply open up your map and look for the little spade symbols that are sprinkled around the interface.

Your task is to head to the areas indicated by the symbols and then track down the nearby chest. They'll require a little bit of investigative work to find, but they're worth tracking down as they contain all kinds of weapons and armour items.

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How often can you buy Treasure Maps in Destiny 2?

You are only able to pick up five maps from Cayde during any weekly reset. If you're on the cusp of hitting Power 260, it's worth waiting until you're over this threshold before hunting down maps.

It gets much harder to find upgrades after this point, and Treasure Maps are an important part of the Power levelling process!

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