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Destiny 2: Royal Pools Challenge guide: Tips, strategy advice and rewards

How to beat the extra-tricky take on Leviathan's Royal Pools

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Our Destiny 2 Royal Pools Challenge guide contains a walkthrough for the encounter, with tips, tricks and strategy advice to ensure you bag your extra rewards.

A new Challenge Mode has just been activated for Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid, and this week you're going to have to find a way of beating the Royal Pools encounter in a very restrictive manner.

Put very simply, somebody needs to remain in the middle at every stage of the fight. If you begin and activate the encounter, then move from the central pool and leave it unoccupied, the challenge will fail. If you jump at any point, that also counts as leaving the pool and will cause you to fail this extra element of the encounter.

To make things a little easier, note that you don't actually have to stay in the plate itself, just remain in the central pool. That matters here, because you do actually have to step off the plate if you want it to refresh its crucial buff.

The challenge itself will change your rotations slightly. It'll be a bit more scrappy and it'll effectively take one player out of action when it comes to the plate-swapping that's such a necessary part of the encounter. What can you do to actually complete the challenge easily though?

This is much easier seen in video form than explained in written words, so skip to the section of the following video that begins at 1:50. Here, Arekkz explains how the team juggles team positioning and responsibilities given the reduction in active numbers.

If you found this Royal Pools Challenge Mode guide helpful, give the video itself a big thumbs-up and consider subscribing to the channel as well. Arekkz cooks up loads of daily video for Destiny 2 and is one of our favourite YouTubers for the game.


What about the rewards for completing the Royal Pools Challenge Mode this week though? Well, if you manage to beat the encounter with this new restriction, you'll receive a special emblem for your collection, allowing you to show off your prowess at beating the game's toughest content.

As well as that purely cosmetic reward, you'll also get a guaranteed raid drop from the encounter. That's pretty good motivation for tackling the fight in its trickiest form, so do make sure everyone in your team has studied Arekkz's video before you all assemble at the entrance.

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