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Destiny 2: Deep Conversation walkthrough guide (Adventure)

Our complete guide to getting you through this Adventure.

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Our Destiny 2: Deep Conversation walkthrough guide explains how to scan the Vex caches, gather the collective data and kill the Network Mind.

Failsafe has a plan to retrieve some Vex data, but to do so, she’ll need Ghost’s aid. What this also means is - you’re going to have to do most of the legwork too.

This Adventure will see you scan a whole host of Vex caches before destroying a tough Vex Hydra called the Network Mind. Following each objective is pretty simple, it’s just surviving them that could be the main issue.

To help you out, we’ve put together a full walkthrough that’ll take you through each objective and ensure that you’ll make it out alive.

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Scan the Vex Caches and gather Collective data

Once you’ve started this Adventure off you’ve got to scan three Vex caches. You’ll see three markers pop up on your HUD immediately, so make your way over to them and hop onto one of the platforms to get things underway.

Do bear in mind that sometimes a platform you’re on will start glowing green with electricity. Immediately jump in the air when this happens to avoid taking too much damage.

Interact with every sphere at the center of each platform and wait until the reticule reaches 100%. When you’re done, there’s a Vex cache that you’ll have to do a little platforming to get up to.

Head towards the marker and jump your way up to the next sphere. Before interacting with it, look out for Vex enemies on surrounding platforms. We recommend patiently taking them out with a Scout rifle and prioritising the Vex Hobgoblins first when you do so. If you’re a Titan or Warlock, dropping a healing Rift or Barrier is a great way of enhancing your survivability and making this section a whole lot easier.

Once that’s out of the way, you’ve got a much simpler job of killing Vex so they drop Collective data. There’s not much to this, other than running from platform to platform and murdering any unfriendly robots you see. Don’t worry about going on a long winded hunt for these items as every Vex you’ll kill will drop one.

Scan another set of Vex caches and gather more collective data

This time the marker will send you over to a Vex Cache which’ll take some effort getting to. Adopt the same methods as before and take your time clearing each platform of Vex before jumping to them. It’s also a good idea to chuck a grenade into the mix when you’re gliding towards each mod to finish them off.

Scan the cache and you’ll go through another round of wiping out Vex to collect more data. Again, hop between platforms and let loose. You can either equip a Scout Rifle to pick them off from afar or get out the likes of an SMG and go all in - whichever playstyle suits you.

Surprise surprise, another Vex cache to scan - this time with even more platforming involved. It’s on quite a high level so maneuver your way up and over to the boss fight that awaits you.

Kill the Mind

Now that you’ve scanned the cache you’ll see the Network Mind in the distance on the platform just ahead and slightly above you. Get out a power weapon, get close and lay into its eye. Or simply hit it with your Super and it’ll go down exceptionally fast. Although it looks tough, it’s actually pretty fragile!

When it’s exploded, that’s the end of the Adventure - nice work!

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