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Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Titan Treasure Map chest locations: Jan 23rd - Jan 30th

Where to find all five of Cayde's treasure chests on Titan this week.

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Our Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Titan Treasure Chest guide contains all of the treasure chest locations for Jan 23rd - Jan 30th 2018.

Getting more gear at the end-game can be a somewhat frustrating experience in Destiny 2, but there's a reset each week which provides some relatively painless methods for getting new gear. One of the quickest to finish off is Cayde-6's Treasure Map hunt, where you have to visit a different world each week and track down the treasure using a collection of clues. For this week's adventures, we're off to the Titan.

You can't just head there and start nosing around though. First of all you need to track down Cayde-6 who is located in the Tower social space. If you've not bumped into him before, you'll need to head over to the far right side of the map, where you'll find him standing by a railing. Drop a marker on your, map, head over there and start a conversation.

Taking part in each week's treasure hunt isn't free, unfortunately. To get hold of the clues you need you'll have to fork out around 25,000 Glimmer. Once you've done so, the five clues will be added to your map, providing an approximate location for the chest and a cryptic clue. Although most of these are easy to deduce, some can be a little harder, but our guide will get you through them all nice and quickly.

Once you've bagged all five, do make sure you pay a return visit to Cayde-6. One of these chests will provide you with an item called a Letter Fragment, and if you hand this into Cayde he'll give you some extra rewards - nothing too special, but every bit of currency counts!

Titan Treasure Map 1 + 2

1. “Reef Awoken are weird like that...”

2. "I take it you like to jump, right?"

  • Spawn at The Rig.
  • Go through the entrance ahead of you and to the right. Once you're inside, exit through the nearest right hand doorway.
  • Turn left and run towards the metal stairs. The first chest will be tucked away just underneath them.
  • For the second chest, turn right and jump across to the bridge.
  • Head through the large entrance, up the ramp, turn left into the hive infested tunnel and the chest will be straight ahead once you've emerged from it.

Titan Treasure Map 3

"So this cache..."

  • Spawn at The Rig.
  • Run all the way into the Solarium -just follow the marker to the large swimming pool area with the multi-colour, tiled entrance.
  • From the entrance, turn left and follow the path all the way past the trees in glass containers and into the next room. Turn right, look up and hop up to the platform above to find the chest.

Titan Treasure Map 4 + 5

4. “And just to amuse myself...”

5. "Those Fallen on Titan...

  • Spawn at The Rig.
  • Again, head to the Solarium's swimming pool.
  • Turn right and head through the entrance all the way over the other side.
  • Follow the path until you reach the Festering Halls. You'll spot the first chest dead ahead once you're prompted that you've arrived. Simply run past the Hive and platform your way up.
  • Once you've looted it, continue up the stairs, through the entrance at the top and keep following the path all the way in until you drop down another level into a large open space.
  • The final chest will be tucked away on your immediate left in this area.

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