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Zoo and Abbey are now available in CS:GO competitive matchmaking

Two new locations to do battle in.

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Zoo and Abbey have been added to the competitive matchmaking map pool in CS:GO’s latest update.

Abbey is a brand new map set in a Mediterranean village, while Zoo returns to the game after a three year hiatus.

Abbey is somewhat reminiscent of Inferno, with its lazy, sun streaked atmosphere and mixture of long corridors, open spaces and vertical spots to lock down.

Zoo’s a fan favourite and it’s easy to see why. There’s something very refreshing about doing battle in an aquarium, before rattling off shots outside a lion enclosure.

Here’s a look at both of the maps:

Alongside both these new maps comes a slew of tweaks to make them match ready. Below we’ve listed all the changes.


  • Visual updates overall to match present standards
  • Replaced SWAT with FBI
  • Reduced the amount of corners/spots at B site
  • Removed glow effects from wall mounted fixtures to prevent smoke exploits
  • Replaced foliage at interior lower mid to improve sightlines
  • Raised ceiling in connector between T spawn and A mid
  • Moved swinging tire out of the way of sightlines
  • Increased infographics’ resolution
  • Removed dead guy at T spawn
  • Disabled collision on some foliage
  • Fixed minor visual glitches


  • Opened mid skybox allowing T’s to throw grenades from river area
  • Opened mid skybox allowing players to throw grenades from A bombsites
  • Opened A skybox allowing T’s to throw grenades from right alley
  • Replaced window model with wider one in library (T’s side of middle)
  • Added block bullets brushes in some places to prevent full penetration
  • Removed bomb stuck spots
  • Enabled collision on window models
  • Reduced size of clip brushes in some places
  • Added missing overlays
  • Fixed various clipping issues
  • Added new 3d skybox
  • Removed tiny mountain
  • Added some color to the map
  • Added building on mid

For everything introduced with the latest patch, head over to CS:GO’s official blog post.

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