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Valve adds new Danger Zone map, items and upgrades in latest CS:GO patch

It's Danger Zone's biggest update yet.

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In a move that’s sure to please fans of its Battle Royale mode, Valve has gone all-in on CS:GO’s Danger Zone mode in its latest update. There’s a brand new map called Sirocco, new starting perks, a respawn system and a host of new items and upgrades too.

Sirocco is a middle-eastern inspired playground filled with “wide open spaces” alongside “kasbah, towns and intricate underground passages”. If the original map ,Blacksite, was a little run of the mill, then Sirocco’s dusty streets will be sure to please.

A quick glance at the new items and it’s clear Valve wanted to add some extra flavour to its Battle Royale mode too. Notable highlights from the new item lineup are the ExoJump Boots which can help propel you over walls or sprint really fast, and the Bump Mine which will skyrocket unsuspecting enemies high up into the air when stopped on. If they don’t have a parachute, they’re in for a rough landing.

Valve has clearly been listening to player feedback as its implemented some carefully considered quality of life improvements to complement all the new stuff. Weapons will now start with much more ammo so there should be less time spent scrambling for bullets and more time spent shooting baddies. Tablets will also now reveal the nearest large weapon crate and there’s even an Apex Legends inspired ping system to make use of.

Finally, there’s now a “Respawn Anywhere” system which means players will get a chance to respawn anywhere on the map as long as their squad survives.

For a complete overview of everything that's in the new update, head on over to Valve's official blog post.

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